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For Outstanding Students

Academic Scholarships for the Year 2012

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January 2012



With an ongoing commitment to future food professionals, and the continued success of our Annual Golf Outing to raise money for scholarships, the Wisconsin Institute of Food Technologists (WIFT) is pleased to announce that at least two $1,500 scholarships for undergraduate students and one $2,500 scholarship for a graduate student will be awarded at the March 8th, 2012 WIFT Student Night meeting at the Fluno Center in Madison, WI.


Students who are pursuing an associate, undergraduate, or graduate degree in a Food-related curriculum or in Food Science at either a two or four year college or university within the state of Wisconsin are eligible for the WIFT academic scholarships.


Please find enclosed copies of the Application Instructions and the scholarship Flyer, which may be posted.  We appreciate the support of your institution in making the information available to interested students.  If you have any questions regarding the WIFT scholarships, please call me at 608-285-4072 or e-mail me at


All WIFT Scholarship applications are due to me via mail or e-mail no later than Monday, March 5th, 2012.



Best regards,



Beth Ann Nylander

Chair, WIFT Scholarship Committee

PO Box 7188

Madison, WI 53707


Scholarship applications are due by

Monday, March 5th, 2012.

For more information on the WIFT or the academic scholarships, please contact your Department Chair, visit the WIFT Website at, or contact me at

Application Instructions

Academic Scholarships for the Year 2012

Each Scholarship Application must be typed and include the following information:


1.   Your name, address, telephone number, and e-mail address.


2.   The name and address of your educational institution.


3. Your current academic program, major, and GPA.


4. A paragraph or two on your career objectives and goals.


5. Your extra-curricular activities and clubs, including those related to your major/career goals (i.e. WIFT / IFT involvement).


6. Earned academic awards and honors.


7. A paragraph or two on “Why is the WIFT Scholarship important to you?”


8.   For graduate applicants only, please provide a statement of your research interests.


Each WIFT Scholarship Application must also include the following:


1.   A college/university academic transcript showing course work completed to date. (An official transcript is not necessary.)


2.   Two letters of reference.


E-mail or mail your completed application, transcripts and reference letters to me for receipt by Monday, March 5th, 2012:


Beth Ann Nylander, Chair, WIFT Scholarship Committee

Kraft Foods

PO Box 7188

Madison, WI 53707


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